kuchi brand was launched by Nexus Corporation to exhibit and sale handicraft products in kuchi galleries, online services and international exhibitions. The concept behind establishing the kuchi brand was to manufacture, standardize, label, package, export and distribute the products of Afghanistan. All processes are being carried in Afghanistan and the distribution process is carried out through kuchi handicraft galleries, kuchi e-commerce website, kuchi mobile application, international exhibitions and trade fairs.









Inter-Continental kuchi gallery

The first kuchi handicraft gallery was established in Inter-Continental Hotel, Kabul Afghanistan. It was inaugurated on 26th August 2019 which was warmly welcomed by the people of Afghanistan.

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Parramatta, Sydney kuchi gallery

The second kuchi handicraft gallery was established in Parramatta, Sydney Australia. It was welcomed by officials of Afghanistan and Australia, Afghan-Australian Citizens and Australian Citizens.

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Qala-E-Fatullah kuchi gallery

The third kuchi handicraft gallery was established in Qala-E-Fatullah Kabul Afghanistan to ensure the availability of handicrafts for the common people of Afghanistan.

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Handmade Carpet

Handmade Carpet is an exquisite product of Afghanistan woven by Afghan women. The quality and design of Afghan handmade carpets are rare in the world having a traditional and artistic base.


The gemstones of Afghanistan are known for their genuine, quality and color. Our jewelries are made from Precious and Semi-Precious stones of Afghanistan.

Hand Engraving Furniture

Hand engraving furniture of kuchi brand is made from walnut wood which is hand engraved and has been covered with handmade fabric.

Decorative Goods

Our decorative goods cover a variety of products including Ceramics, Ceramic painting, Lapis Lazuli Decorative Goods and so on.

Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories cover Men Clothes, Women Clothes, Leather Bag, Fabric Bag, Shawl and so forth. All these products are 100% handmade and from natural material.

Needle-Laced Cushions

These exquisite needle-laced cushions are made in weeks of hardship by Afghan women. The designs are divided into plain cushions, kuchi cushions and Turkmen cushions.

"Nexus, an excellent opportunity for the international buyers to approach Afghani handicrafts, carpets, nuts and minerals at the best quality at competitive prices"

~ Khan Haz Adeeb, CEO at Fresh Fine Foods