About Us


Nexus Corporation is a leading trading firm established by experienced entrepreneurs in 2016. Nexus Corporation is operative in Kabul Afghanistan endeavoring to connected Afghanistan with the global markets. 


Nexus Corporation is mostly involved in two sectors – Profitable Business and Non-Profit Projects. The profitable business of Nexus Corporation is to manufacture, standardize, label, package and distribute the products of Afghanistan. Whereas, the non-profit projects of Nexus Corporation is to provide employment opportunities, increase labor wages, provide a better life for the crafts-persons and capacity building of crafts-persons.


Executive Summary

Nexus Corporation is an international trading company founded in November 2018 by experienced entrepreneurs for the development and growth of Afghan industries and products. The company operates in the promotion and supply of various Afghan products which include handmade carpets, dry fruits, precious and semi-precious stones, and Afghan women’s handicrafts.

Considering the existent capacities in Afghanistan, Nexus will lead the market with innovative concepts/approaches to traditional products. Nexus has stepped ahead in creating employment opportunities and economic development in the fields of products and handicrafts. Nexus exports domestic products of Afghanistan with international standards, using the “kuchi” brand name to international markets.

Nexus will aim its efforts to mid-market place where good quality products and volume will be accordingly proportioned.   Nexus will capitalize on its highly skilled team of local professionals to connect with manufacturers, primary producers and government officials, establishing partnerships with key industry manufacturers, offering them support, feedback and guidance on current market trends while facilitating the channel of distribution for our clients to their designated locations abroad.

During the first twelve month of operation, Nexus will focus on Australian market while progressively and simultaneously working with our partners in U.S., Canada and European markets to export all Afghanistan’s products directly to those markets. In order for Nexus to be the preferred export and distribution firm in Afghanistan and around the globe, we must obtain significant market share by providing our clients with quality products, competitive pricing and reliable services.  Quality, price and reliability should be synonymous with Nexus image and branding.  Also achieving a sustainable business model, whilst maintaining a social consciousness that supports the community.

Nexus corporate philosophy will encompass high quality, innovative products, unparalleled service, and competitive prices.


To constitute a global distributional company in various industries; exhibiting Afghan products to the world.


To develop, process, package, present, and deliver Afghan products, minerals & resources with the global standards to international clients. Making communications and fluent and uncomplicated commerce through trust-building with long term trade partners.